Peace of Mind

Team Blevins teams up with Easy Care, Armor All and Stay Nu to offer Peace of Mind protection for you and your family!

Easy Care

Offering you the option of four different plans, all being transferable and renewable!

*POWERCare coverage offers you basic coverage on your vehicle. Covering basic components such as engine, transmission, drive axle, seals, gaskets, and fluids.

*PRIMARYCare coverage offers you coverage including air conditioning, heating/cooling, fuel and breaking as well as all components in the PowerCare package. 

*STATEDCare coverage includes all components covered under PRIMARY and POWER care as well as suspension, steering and electrical systems, and high tech/convenience group.

*TOTALCare coverage covers nearly all components and parts in the event of a mechanical breakdown with some exclusions such as routine maintenance, cosmetic items and damaged parts.

Additional benefits for each package include-
-Rental Car Reimbursement
-Towing Reimbursement
-Trip Interruption Reimbursement
-Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Protection
-Emergency Roadside Assistance

*Additional benefits have different stipulations according to each package*

DriverCare is an option for customers who lease their vehicle. DriverCare offers additional coverage including wheel, tire, rental car and trip interruption.

Visit // today for more information regarding each of the packages above.

Armor All 

Armor All SmartShield warranty program provides interior and exterior coverage that you do not get from the manufacturer! The SmartSheild program will protect and warranty your vehicle's painted surface and interior all with zero deductible! 

*Exterior Paint Coverage protects your vehicle's exterior paint from acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, fuel stains, spray paint, oxidation, hard water spots and more.....

*Interior Fabric and Leather Coverage protects your fabric or leather seats, door trim, floor mats, carpeting, and cargo area from food and beverage spills, child and pet mishaps, dye transfers, chewing gum, make-up, crayons, inks and more....

*Rental Car Coverage- if your vehicle becomes damaged from a covered item Armor All will provide you with a rental car for up to 10 days @ $50 dollars a day during repair!

Stay Nu

With Stay Nu, an unsightly damage is tackled quickly, professionally and conveniently. Protect your investment today with coverage that can keep your car looking like new for years to come! Stay Nu covers dents, dings, paint chips, alloy wheels, cigarette burns, interior stains, windshield star cracks, headlight reconditioning, acid rain and more... 1 to 5 year contract terms available

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